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company profile – Agency for Healthcare Communication


We combine the strategic mindset of a consultancy with the complex market knowledge of a healthcare agency. For over 20 years, we have been developing and implementing healthcare communication with a clear focus on the healthcare sector. We interlace conventional and digital concepts and connect strategy with creatively-tailored implementation.



Our Focus in Communication


As a medical technology firm, you develop products and treatments that improve or even revolutionize medical care and the quality of life for patients. Whether diagnostics, monitoring, intervention treatments, medical information systems, prostheses, implants, or therapy systems – we create communications tailored to your target group. Our experience is a contributing factor in successfully marketing medical technology innovations and products.


Research and manufacturing companies at the interface of the natural sciences and engineering are faced with the challenge of communicating complex interactions and marketing innovative products. This is where our support for life science companies comes in. We specialize in communicating complex issues that are tailored to target audiences in a goal-oriented manner.


Our clients include numerous pharmaceutical manufacturers ranging from Big Pharma to contract manufactures, from Rx to OTC, from original to generic meds, and from pharmaceutical use in clinical settings to home medicine chests. We are committed to a modern form of pharmaceutical marketing that goes beyond the product to integrate doctors, those who prescribe and recommend drugs, users, and responsible patients looking for information.


Structured marketing for referring physicians, marketing concepts that leverage high quality medical care for successful communication between patients and referring physicians, clinic campaigns with special themes:
These are all responsible challenges that we undertake for public, non-profit, and private clinics, MVZ, rehabilitation centers, and long-term care facilities.


For health organizations, special government agencies, associations, professional institutions, and health care facilities with different types of governing bodies, we carry out longterm communication campaigns, develop education, image, and prevention campaigns and promotions, and develop campaigns and promotions to recruit new members.