Petra Kampmann
Mörkenstr. 12
22767 Hamburg
PHONE: +49 40 / 548 0676 0
FAX: +49 40 / 548 0676 10

NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 200 worldwide

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About altona Diagnostics GmbH

altona Diagnostics GmbH is a diagnostic company developing, manufacturing and distributing molecular diagnostic test solutions for fast and specific detection of pathogens. A particular focus is on the field of emerging diseases and tropical pathogens. As one of the first companies altona Diagnostics made reliable molecular diagnostic kits commercially available during outbreak situations for SARS, swine flu (H1N1nv), MERS, Ebolavirus and Zika virus.

The RealStar® product portfolio includes currently more than 50 CE-IVD PCR kits as well as several international registered products (ANVISA, KCDC and FDA EUA).

With the AltoStar® product line the company is offering a complete CE-IVD workflow consisting of instrumentation and kits for nucleic acid extraction and PCR amplification and detection.

altona Diagnostics is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany with subsidiaries in France, the UK, Canada, USA, Brazil, Argentina and India. The company is selling its products into more than 70 countries worldwide.