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Waterborne germs such as Pseudomonas and Legionella in drinking water pipework can be dangerous. Special attention is necessary to protect vulnerable people from infection. Aqua free is devoted to the task of maintaining and improving water hygiene. Founded in Hamburg in 1999, the company started life as a manufacturer of sterile water filters for healthcare application. Today Aqua free is a certified medical device company and not only develops and produces high quality water filters and other products but also provides a comprehensive range of services all focused on water hygiene.

Our portfolio of medical water hygiene products includes sterile water filters for a wide variety of medical applications - both point-of-use and in-line systems - and also offers bespoke system solutions. Our Service team, who are all trained in operating in high risk medical environments, support clients in facing the everyday challenges presented by water hygiene. Hospitals and medical practices trust Aqua free products and services to provide permanent protection for their patients and employees.

The quality of our medical products, and the skill and knowledge behind them is reflected in our range of Legionella and bacteria water filters designed to suit domestic, commercial and industrial clients. Our filters and other technical hygiene products provide immediate protection from germs in drinking water for a wide range of applications such as households, hotels, public buildings, factories, mobile homes.

Some problems are very specific and require individual solutions. Aqua free has a history of working closely with clients from industry and commerce to develop bespoke filtration solutions to suit specific applications and guidelines. Aqua free is recognised as a specialist water hygiene partner throughout Europe.