Prof. Klaus Brandenburg
Parkallee 10b
23845 Borstel

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company profile

Brandenburg Antiinfektiva GmbH provides a platform technology for the development of newly designed synthetic peptides for treatment of systemic and non-systemic, bacterial and viral diseases, with a focus on sepsis. Despite improvement in medical care, severe sepsis and septic shock remain an unmet medical need. In addition, the increase in resistance of bacteria represents a massive threat of health supply. Aspidasept®, our lead development candidate efficiently neutralizes the fatal effects of bacterial infections and administration of their toxins with unprecedent results in animal models. The drug is in late preclinical development stages for the treatment of sepsis, but also for severe SSTI (skin- and soft tissue infections).

Our approach: • Design and development of novel toxin-neutralizing polypeptides, originally based on the lipid A-part of LPS. • Mode of action: High affinity binding to bacterial toxins, suppressing inflammation-induction by these compounds in immune cells. • Preclinical development of the polypeptides, with a focus on our primary development candidate Aspidasept ®, in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo. • Proof of concept and tolerance shown in animal models. • Proof of antibacterial activity against multiresistant germs(MRSA and others). • Proof of antiviral activity against Herpes Simplex I and II, hepatitis B, human papillomavirus, HIV, influenza (flu) serotypes H3N2 and H1N1, and swine fever. • Aspidasept® development status: Late preclinical phase.

Technology / IP: • Composition of matter: PCT-application, filed in 2009 (PCT/EP2009/002565; Novel antimicrobial peptides), granted in 2015 in EU, CH, USA und JP. • Further patent filed in Febr. 2016, published in August 2017: Means and Methods for treating bacterial infections. • Letter of Intent signed between Brandenburg Antiinfektiva GmbH and FZ Borstel for exclusive IP licensure. • Participation of the FZ Borstel technbology transfer partner Ascenion assures that future inventions will be recognized in time and filed for a patent.