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QSP can detect bacteria and toxins - qualitatively as well as quantitatively, very fast and with a low detection threshold.

Base of QSP (QSP=Quantitative highest sensitive Particle Measurement) is an extremely sensitive particle detector which works like a light barrier on molecular level. It determines quantity and size of particles (20 nm down to 5 μm) in a sample. The theoretical threshold is 10 fg/l. In combination with magnetic nano-particles which we coat with anti-bodies we are able to create tests like a sandwich ELISA test on a molecular level with test results within minutes. There are many application possibilities for the QSP technology in hygienic topics from a simple smear-test for a hygienic control of surfaces to a MRSA screening device to protect your emplyees and your patients. QSP is the answer to a lot of challenges.

m-u-t GmbH is part of the m-u-t group. m-u-t group is a turn-key provider for efficient solutions in photonics. Contact-free optical measurement technology can optimize a large variety of strongly growing future markets in a resource-efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

m-u-t GmbH offers more than 20 years of expertise in optical measurement technology in a large range: from UV and VIS via NIR and MIR to LWIR. m-u-t GmbH develops and produces systems for use in medical and life science applications, industrial environments, in train systems as well as in agriculture and environmental technology. Systems are developed customer-specific – from idea stage all the way to series product. m-u-t GmbH develops, produces and services serial products for OEM customers.

We are specialized on application-specific solutions of measurement tasks. You are the expert on your application; we contribute technology- and realization competence. We produce the products according to highest quality standards and manage the whole life cycle for you.