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Sandra Sick
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The SYSTEM fresh system makes it possible to reduce the pathogens on and in computers, notebooks, keyboards and other IT equipment by 99.999% (a 5 log reduction). This has been confirmed by functional testing and by tests carried out at the HYGCEN Germany accredited testing laboratory. The new cleaning and sterilisation process was developed with support from Germany’s Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology as part of its SME patent campaign.
SYSTEM fresh combines mechanical compressed-air technology with physical irradiation disinfection in a single mobile service station. First of all dust particles are removed in the cleaning chamber. Then the devices are disinfected inside and out in the sterilisation chamber using UV-C radiation - no chemicals, no air contamination, no noise. The whole process takes about 15 minutes and is carried out on site in the medical setting. That means system cleaning and disinfection can be integrated into any IT maintenance routine.

Large amounts of dust particles and microorganisms collect in computers. Sucked in by ventilation fans they form thick layers of fluff and dirt that constitute a risk for people and IT systems. Dirt and fluff on system components reduces cooling, permits current leakage and can lead to malfunctioning and system breakdowns. The pathogens harboured by the dirt represent an even greater threat. Examination of swap samples has shown levels of >100 pathogens on about 25 square centimeters.

Furthermore, pathogens able to withstand dryness can be released by the circulation of dust and spores. IT equipment in medical settings can thus become a dangerous source of pathogens which increase the risk of infection – not only for patients with compromised immune systems but also for staff members.

The SYSTEM fresh cleaning process effectively deactivates this hidden risk for people and technology and is thus a useful new component in a comprehensive hygiene plan.